Is there a Fedora Silverblue Live Image ISO too?

Is it possible to test Fedora Silverblue as a live image too like Fedora Workstation and where I can find it? THX.

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As far as I know there is not a live image.

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It looks like there isn’t one at the moment, though it has been asked about multiple times before: Silverblue live cd - #13 by bam

I have to accept this, but this fact inhibits the spread of silverblue as a fully automatic and easy solution of an OS, which can serve as an stable alternative for other Fedora products, without any issues (like snapshots with btrfs under Fedora Workstation) and so on. Does anybody know the reason for the missing Live ISO of Silverblue? What does the project-leader of Fedora mean? :shushing_face:

The thread linked to above provides some context. Have you had a look? This is something the silverlub team decides, so it’s best to speak to them about this.

I’m not sure what you mean here. Can you please clarify?

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Simply, what thinks Mr. Miller about this question?

I’m not sure why that matters?

clearly says:

However the project leader is not a dictator, benevolent or otherwise.

Can you please join the silverblue channels and discuss it with them, the whole silverblue community, instead of pulling up individuals?

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Let’s be clear that Fedora is a community distribution and many of us are unpaid volunteers, which means that the amount of resources a group has greatly depends on the skills and number of people contributing to it, and priorities must be made accordingly. It’s not that live media isn’t possible in this case, but that those behind Silverblue are prioritizing other things at the moment. That said, since you have the desire for this and others in the community would clearly benefit from it, I’m sure that if you would like to initiate a prototype live image yourself and especially with other like minded people, that the Silverblue team would love to know about it. That’s really the best way to get something like this to happen - to have people that care about it the most get involved to make it happen.

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