Silverblue live cd

How will the future of live cd’s look like?
How will/can silverblue be run as a live cd?

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I was thinking about how a SB live cd would be used. What use cases would it be good for? Maybe for new interested users to try it out without an install. What else can you think of?

Well a live cd will always be needed (rescue, testing, other pc - it’s on the usb).
The live cd so far are based on Workstation, can we create one on base of SB?
Would that work?

Also I was thinking if it can be used to install SB via command line.
1.) Make the partitions
2.) Mount them.
3.) sudo rpm-ostree rebase silverblue /mount_dir
4.) grub-install

or something similar.

The consensus I’ve seen thus far is that this is really low priority simply because there’s not a huge, immediately noticeable difference until you start installing / upgrading, which doesn’t really make sense on a live cd.

AFAIK you wouldn’t need to do this from Silverblue necessarily, but it’s definitely a bit more complex (you can check out the Anaconda source code for how it sets up the system).

Actually, there are live images of (almost) every Spin as well as Workstation.

Well yes, something like that.
Install it to a NFS share for example using
rpm-ostree deploy fedora:silverblue/x86_64 /NFS_Share
and point grub to the NFS share, something like that.

I originally meant more like deploying SilveBlue using command line without anaconda

So do I.
PХE boot in the network kernel and mount silverblue on the NFS …
LABEL livecd
KERNEL /livecd/vmlinuz0
APPEND rootflags=loop initrd=/livecd/initrd0.img
root=live:nfs/livecd/livecd.iso debug rootfstype=auto ro liveimg
APPEND initrd= ro ipv6.disable=1 ip=dhcp root=live: rd.lvm=0 rd.luks=0 loglevel=7

I have a good use case for a live image. I’m blind, and my biggest use of the live CD is so I can run an installation with the Orca screen reader. I don’t know that this is available in the default installer, and as such, I don’t know that I can independently install Silverblue.

On that note, is Orca available on the installation ISO, and if so, how do I start it? Neither Super-Alt-S nor Alt-f2 “orca” worked. If it isn’t available, do I have any way to install Silverblue from a regular live image? Or can I convert a workstation install after? I did this at one point in the early Silverblue days, but I don’t know if that method is still supported.

A minimal, SB OS with just networking would be good for me - no DE or PulseAudio . . then I could layer as appropriate for whoever I am setting it up for . .

Is there a way to use Fedora-Silverblue-ostree-x86_64-30-1.2.iso as a Live image to try Silverblue without having to install the system?

I never install any OSes, I run them all from Live ISOs.

It is a bit more hassle but you could install to a VM . .

If no Live CD is available, can it at least be installed from ISO image?

How is CoreOS technology different from SilverBlue ?
I saw it :

For some reason, CoreOS has a live image.