Silverblue 29 & /var

I installed Silverblue 28 to bare metal when it was released and am going to participate in Silverblue 29 Test Day, tomorrow (09/20). I am going to install the --.18 nightly today.

Since I have a dedicated partition for /home with about 650G of data in it, I am wondering if it is possible to retain it by pointing it to /var during the installation.

All the data is backed-up to an external drive so I am not in fear of losing it. I am just wanting to avoid the hassle of copying it back, should I wish to continue keeping and updating Silverblue on bare metal during the continued development of 29.

I’ll be going from Arch to Silverblue, so it will be an otherwise clean install.


i have not tested trying to keep an existing /home/ filesystem when doing an installation. I would suggest maybe try in a VM first and open a bug if it doesn’t work.

anyone else tried this?

I’m dual-booted Arch and Silverblue - I didn’t want to risk this so I gave Silverblue its own partition.

How about upgrading your FAW28 to S29? :slight_smile:

Ah sorry nevermind, I see elsewhere you already tried that I think.

I found out that my present /home partition does not mount to /var or /var/home. The good news is that in either case, the installer gracefully exited with no harm done.

I’ll either need to dual-boot if I wish to keep Arch, or parallel install Silverblue from within Fedora 29 Workstation.


I successfully installed Fedora Silverblue 28 without reformatting my existing home partition. I specified the mount position as /home during the installation. When I check on the newly installed system the path to my home directory is now var/home and all my files are intact. So the installer did a good job

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