Mount /home from outside

I have this Silverblue disk sitting here with some data on it, which I want to copy. While I could boot the disk to glean the data, I’d prefer mounting the silverblue /home on my standard Fedora system. I cannot find the partition, it’s quite elusive.

$ sudo pvscan
PV /dev/sde3   VG fedora_creek    lvm2 [116,80 GiB / 8,00 MiB free]
$ sudo lvscan
ACTIVE            '/dev/fedora_creek/root' [116,00 GiB] inherit
ACTIVE            '/dev/fedora_creek/swap' [812,00 MiB] inherit

I understand /home is a bit special in Silverblue, with it being shared with toolbox containers. How can I access my /home without booting the disk?

Hi @elpapsch and welcome! Depending on the disk layout that you have selected during installation, you may not have a dedicated partition for /home (which is /var/home on Silverblue). Look for either home in a var partition or /ostree/deploy/fedora/var/home in the root partition.

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Thanks a lot! Indeed, with installer standard layout, home can be found in /ostree/deploy/fedora/var/home.