Issues with shared home volume between Fedora and Silverblue

I have a <home> subvol that is shared between Fedora and Silverblue.

For some reason, I reinstalled both Fedora Workstation 34 and Silverblue 34 from fresh, but still mounting the existing <home> subvol.

I encountered two issues so far:

  1. ip command
  • Under Fedora w/ existing <home>, it is working normally.
  • Under Silverblue w/ existing <home>, command not found. It turns out the PATH is missing /usr/sbin
  • Under Silverblue w/ <newhome>, /usr/sbin is in PATH .
  1. toolbox
  • Under Silverblue, with existing <home>, toolbox create failed.
  • Under same Silverblue, with <newhome>, toolbox create worked as normal.

What I need to check to find out what is wrong with my existing <home> volume?