Silverblue installation fails with `/` `/var` and `/home` on separate devices

So I had to switch from Silverblue to Workstation after I rearranged my drive layout. I originally had installed Silverblue onto 3 ssd’s with two setup as raid 1 and containing subvolumes mounted at / and /var and the third as /home with the ESP and boot partitions on it too. Using Silverblue I felt the raid layout was frankly a waste of storage so I decided on a flat layout that placed each subvolume on it’s own device, and anticipating snapshots for system backup as the way to go then using an external USB storage drive to send/receive snapshots to/from as backup and potentially for restoring.
So with the new layout, I installed silverblue, it appeared to go well, of course had to use the advanced blivet GUI. I reboot into what should be the first boot to setup the user, and it is presented, I complete the user setup. I cannot get the applications popout to get triggered by moving my mouse to the top left corner, oh well I choose to reboot instead then proceed to updates. At reboot I am presented with the GDM login and I login and am again presented with the login, do it again same result a loop. Switch to console and same result, loops back to login after login. If I enter an incorrect password, it rejects the user so I know it is working that much. I retry the installation, redo everything, same weird mouse behaviour in Gnome after user setup. So I checked around the system in terminal and found only resolve.conf in the /etc directory.??? So I tried an earlier version of Silverblue (F35) same exact result. I then decided to try installing workstation and it went fine plus user setup and reboot as expected. So I think that with putting my subvolumes on separate devices I may have broken Silverblues linking setup in some fashion.

Some positive does come out of this for me. One, I am getting to be familiar with workstation again. But the real bonus is that the send/receive I did of my home directory in the very beginning before I decided to redo my layout worked pretty good. With minimal effort I was able to send my snapshot to my new install from the external USB drive to restore my state pretty much as it was prior to starting all this.