New Silverblue install, how to mount old home partition?

Hello Everyone,
I am a new to Fedora but have been using Linux for a while. I installed Fedora Silverblue as I like the sound of its rollback’able’ness, but I have an issue.

The install went well and I have the nvidia drivers working.

Next would like to mount my old home partition inplace of the one created when I installed.

Do i just alter /etc/fstab?.. or is there a different way in Silverblue?.. it looks like /var/home is mounted in df by fstab says /home, so I’m not sure whats going on there.

The partition I want to mount is encrypted, I assume it will prompt for the password before mounting. However I used to have a decryption key (stored in the initramfs) so the password was not required. Is there away to doing something similar in Silverblue?

Thanks for any advice, links or pointers anyone can offer.

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Solved some of my problem by

Copying the decryption key to

creating a /etc/crypttab like so
crypthome UUID=some-long-id /etc/cryptsetup-keys.d/crypthome.key

get the uuid from ls /dev/mapper/crypthome -al and ls /dev/disk/by-uuid/ -al and create an /etc/fstab entry like so
# /dev/mapper/crypthome LABEL=HOME
UUID=some-other-long-id /mnt btrfs subvol=@current

The only question that remains is how to correctly replace my home mount point… could it be as easy as altering /etc/fstab

For the record I have ended up adding an /etc/fstab like so

UUID=some-other-long-id /home btrfs subvol=home

just like the entry that was created for original install (but on my now decrypted device)

Seems to be working but it concerns me this seems to be against what is advised here where it states

This means that separate home partitions should be mounted on /var/home