Shrew Soft VPN client

I would like to know if Fedora has the package installation for Shrew Soft VPN client?
Thanks, Rodrigo

I don’t think so.
Shrew VPN is proprietary software. You can find the Linux version on their website. As far as I can see it is not packaged for any distribution.

However why do you need it? Fedora already support a lot of VPN solutions out-of-the-box.
What do you need to achieve in particular?


Hello Alciregi,

I need it to be remotely connected to the LAB network of my company. With that I can be “inside” the network and be able to reach all the network devices. Also, because I have the .pcf file for the authentication and policies of my company.

Well, I spend all night researching and I was able to install the Shrew Soft VPN client in my machine Fedora 31. The tricky part is that Fedora 31 doesn’t come with the “iked”.

$ sudo dnf copr enable pessoft/ike

$ sudo dnf -y install ‘dnf-command(copr)’ dnf -y copr enable pessoft/ike dnf -y install ike

$ sudo dnf -y install ike

afterwards, $ tar xzvf ike-2.2.1-release.tgz

And then search for the folder /home/bodhi/Documents/ShrewSoft_vpn-client_2.2.1/ike/script/linux/
In this folder there is a file named iked. You have to execute the file as root: $ sudo iked
This will install the application in the GNOME environment: Shrew Soft VPN Access Manager. The configuration will depend on the credentials of each person.

Was a long night but it was successful :smiley:

Cheers, Rodrigo

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