Surfshark -vpn connection in Fedora

I see that surf shark vpn are only supported by Debian and not fedora at all. Are there plans that Fedora will accommodate any vpn connection in the future? Please advice. Many Thanks Pierre.

Hi @pierredejager10,
I’m not familiar with Surfshark, but it seems that they do not release their app under an open-source license, so in that case, no, that app will not become part of Fedora (although the surfshark people might decide to provide RPM packages themselves at some point).

However, it should be possible to use Surfshark servers via standard VPN tools like openvpn - typically you do not need the provider’s software, just your account details and the names of their servers.


Thank you for your response. It is a good idea to use then openvpn. many thanks Pierre.

Hi. Surfshark should be available to install for manual connection, see guide:

just make sure to use dnf instead of apt command, and chat with their costumer support if need to


You can download the .deb format of surfshark, then use “alien” to convert it to a .rpm format and install it on the fedora linux. It is only a command line, but it works great. Of course, you have to have a surfshark account.