GlobalProtect Openconnect for f34

Hi Everyone, I am looking for a repository for a GlobalProtect VPN client (GUI) for Linux, based on OpenConnect that will work for Fedora 34. I found a repository here but it does not have a build for f34. I have perpetual licenses for some softwares that I have been using on my machine running f34. I am afraid to upgrade to newer version of fedora due to backwards incompability from my past experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Thanks Vladislav. I see that the packages shown are for Fedora 37 and up. Do you have the one for Fedora 34?

The packages are also available to earlier releases.
However, it is best to upgrade as Fedora 34 is EoL.

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You mean there is a package available for f34?

Correct, it should be possible to install as usual:

sudo dnf install NetworkManager-openconnect-gnome
It says openconnect already installed. How do I invoke the command to use it?

Why is your formatting always as code? This makes it weird to read.

Also, is there a specific reason why you want to use this extremely outdated Version? Fedora 39 is out and at least 38 should be used. Try to uprade using

sudo dnf install -y dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=39
sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

Should this be done incrementally or at once? I am not sure, but can imagine that F35-F36 are not even there anymore

Then in an actually supported version of Fedora, you can try this:

nmcli connection show
sudo nmcli connection up vpn-connection-name

But this could also be done via the Graphical user interface.

Creating that network is probably very manual. Or you have a config file that you can add to network-manager, which would be way better. It would already include name, protocols, IP, and all that

I have an expensive software running with a perpetual license. In the past when I upgraded fedora it broke the software since fedora is not back compatible. I had to go through a lot of trouble to get the support needed to get the software to work again.

:gear: GNOME Settings > Network > VPN > + > Multi-protocol VPN client (openconnect) > … > Add

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is that license for only one install?

if not, you should really try upgrading on another disk and try it, as this is a very bad state. You could also run it through toolbox, which is probably the best solution if it really doesnt work on f39.

toolbox create F34 -i ||
toolbox create F34 -i 
# hopefully one of these is still up

toolbox enter F34
sudo dnf install APP

distrobox is also nice with easy desktop shortcut creation, but its not that hard manually.

sudo cp /usr/share/applications/APP.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/Container-F34-APP.desktop
sudo chown $USER ~/.local/share/applications/Container-F34-APP.desktop

You might also want to disable internet access to that container, which is possible. Containers are great and assure you always have the dependencies you need, on any OS

maybe somewhat relevant, probably not

restrict podman internet access with systemd

the podman run --internal command restricts internet access of the container.

Yes, the license is for only one install. I will ask our systems person to try your suggestion. Thanks.

you are welcome! Licensing sucks, as it complicates these things a lot. But maybe you could move all the files somehow. It would be a one-time solution then

Incremental for sure. Fedora only suggests to upgrade at most 2 release versions at a time.

Thus 34 → 36 then 36–> 38 then 38 → 39 would seem best.

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I get this message:

XML response has no “auth” node

This problem was fixed, but you likely need to upgrade to the latest version to get it working:
XML response has no "auth" node failure in Anyconnect VPN / SAML SSO login (#458) · Issues · OpenConnect VPN projects / OpenConnect · GitLab