Should we change the minimum characters required to post?

can we actually change the setting of min 20 chars?

Yes, it’s customizable, separately for first post and replies. Let’s make a separate topic for discussing this.


Maybe we keep it for the first post (or even require more characters) and dismiss the setting for any replies.

Any thoughts?


Yeah, I think something like fifty is reasonable for a topic-starter.

For replies, I think there are two ways to go:

  1. less chatty and encourage people to use :heart: and :white_check_mark: as sufficient for “thanks” and 'that worked", so keep it as it is.
  2. Don’t stress about that and let people who want to type “thank you” do so (change minimum to… six?)

… and I guess I don’t havce a strong opinion. :slight_smile:

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I’d prefer number 2 - if people want to briefly say thank you or so, I think we should let them.


Third option is to just lower the minimum only for private conversation. We were chatting forth and back the other day and it was impossible to simply say ‘It works’.


Ah yes that is a third separate setting currently set to 10.

So, here’s my current proposal:

  1. Increase first-post length requirement to 50. I can’t see a useful question having less than that!
  2. Decrease reply length to 5. “Thanks” and “It works” both fit.
  3. Decrease private message length to 5 as well.

Ok, going ahead with this. We can always adjust if needed!


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Based on, I’m going to go ahead and change this to 8 and 25, because I can see how that would be hardship for Chinese-language posters. If this becomes a big problem in other longer-byte-length languages like English, we can revisit.