Should we increase the edit-own-post time limit?

Continuing the discussion from [HowTo] Jitsi Videoconference Server on Fedora:

In the thread above, the original poster (@lcts) noticed an error and wanted to fix it. By default, level 0 or level 1 users can edit posts for up to a day after posting, and level 2 levels 30 days (43200 minutes).

I propose that on this site we set that post edit limit for level 2 users (which would include @lcts) to something much higher — maybe even unlimited. What do you all think?

Level 2 post timeout should be
  • 30 days
  • 90 days
  • 365 days
  • unlimited
  • other

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This poll is a gauge of sentiment, not an official vote. We’ll decide based on that and on conversation.

I suggest, we also change the edit time for level 1 users to 30 days. Doesn’t hurt, does it?


Level 1 and Level 0 are the same setting. I think that’s reasonable for level 1 but I’m a little worried about it for spammers and level 0. Let’s hear everyone’s thoughts on that too, though:

Level 0 and 1 post edit timeout should be
  • Kept at the default 24 hours
  • Increased to 7 days
  • Increased to 30 days
  • Something else (please comment)

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There should be a way or instructions on how to get an error (or typo) fixed after the limit. Limit is ok for anti-spamming.

If not changed to unlimited, there should be an instruction on how to get a typo, error or outdated data commented/changed as needed.

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I definitely think keeping level 0 at 24 hrs is good. That helps with spammers a lot. Maybe level 1 could be moved to 7 days since that applies to most of us.


Is there a setting on how many times you can edit your post in the first x days?
If so, we could extend the period to 7 or even 30 days but limit the number of allowed changes to 1 or max 2.

Btw, my vote should count for 7 d, not 30, but unfortunately I hit the wrong button and can’t edit my vote.

I think extending the limit makes sense, 1 year seems good.

@mattdm already suggested flagging as an appropriate way, maybe we can document this somewhere. Alternatively, can the “Edit history”-template that is displayed if the post can’t be edited be modified to include such instructions.