Wrong error message when creating a FAS Account with less than five/5 characters

Hello fellow users of Fedora,

Recently I tried to create a new FAS Account with a short name, but with the approved characters, namely 86ul. However, i could not do so, because

Only these characters are allowed: “a-z”, “0-9”, “-”.

Because I have a relative short username, I figured out that I had less than the approved characters, but that error message was not shown. See also the attachment:
20220209 - 091437 - 6446bc0a0408

Is it therefore possible to show a correct error message, when someone creates an username with less than the approved of five/5 characters?

Alternative is to allow to create a account name with less than five/5 characters. If so, can someone change my usdername from a86ul to 86ul?


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Could you please file an issue here about the wrong error message?

I don’t think a username can currently be changed. There’s a ticket for this:

I don’t know if folks from the infrastructure team may be able to do this in another way. You’ll need to file a ticket with them here to speak to them about this:


Done: https://github.com/fedora-infra/noggin/issues/866

That is quit a cold thread, and I do not have (yet) a (political) reason to apply to change on political grounds. Thus I will keep an eye on it, thanks.

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