New Joiners limits

From time to time, there are new joiners and posted about the issue they are having. (And that issue usually is the driving force for them to arrive in ASK)

When the new joiner is lucky enough, their post will got replies (questions) from our helpful members.

Due to the iterative nature of the Q&As, new joiner will hit the limit of “X replies per day” very quickly.

What are the limits new joiners having at the moment?

How can we create a more welcoming environment for new joiners, while still maintaining the overall operation of the site?

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Are we seeing a specific problem?

Right now, new users can post 3 replies to a topic without someone else replying to them (and I believe this does not apply on your own topic), can @ mention no more than two people, and can include up to 10 links and 3 images.

They also can’t create polls or edit “wiki” posts, or flag posts. And they can’t put links in the profiles.

The threshold for getting to the next trust level is quite low, so I’m not worried about those. There is, however, another protection — some “first day” limits. These are set at the defaults, which is:

The maximum number of topics a user is allowed to create in the 24 hour period after creating their first post: 3 (I think this is probably fine.)

The maximum number of replies a user is allowed to create in the 24 hour period after creating their first post: was 10, but I’ve increased that to 25 just now.


This is the one I see today.

Many thanks Sampson and Matthew.

Exactly as Sampson summarized, I hit 3-4 problems with this Fedora 37 fresh install over 33.

So I made an account here and started describing problems on the two top ones. (Grub’s Windows boot option disappeared, and Wifi disappeared.)

Indeed I was lucky and was getting help from 3-4 knowledgeable members, but quickly hit the limit of 10. It was already 6AM so I needed to go to be anyway :smiley: but it was also frustrating to have some guys kind enough to be generating ideas for me, and not being able to respond.

A limit of 25 seems very reasonable. Even 10 would sound reasonable in most forums, but as Sampson says, it must be a common pattern in a help group like this to immediately hit the limit.

I administer a Facebook group with 270,000 members and I do understand how much work administering would be without some automatic limiting processes set up.

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I wonder if the platform will allow us to have a “1st post” tag, which:

  • we can encourage 1st time posters to ask more than 1 question per thread
  • to have high reply limit to that 1st post (25 seems enough to me)
  • when the OP reply, the reply limit will be shown clearly, so that OP can be aware it is better to reply multiple questions in one go

All good suggestions, Sampson, if this forum’s code base is easy to modify. I think oftentimes that’s out of the question though.

Another user hit by new user limit. A quick count do not see 25 replies in the thread.

It looks like @lennart hit the “3 replies in a thread without anyone responding in between” limit. I’ve bumped that up to 5 to see how that goes. I’ve also bumped Lennart to TL1 manually, although I don’t think that applies to the “first day” limit.

It does kind of seem like a reasonable thing to have some brakes on, to keep someone from — either over-enthusiastically or maliciously — overwhelming a conversation. So let’s see if raising the threshold does more harm or good. :classic_smiley:

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