I just joined up here

I just joined up also on discussion.fedoraproject.org. Which site should I be asking relatively beginner questions on? I ran into an error while trying to post here so I am not sure if this will happen again.


Welcome to Fedora! For now, post support questions to https://discussion.fedoraproject.org. The sites will be merged soon and posts there will be migrated here once that happens.


Hi Glenn,

Welcome to the community! I assume you are talking primarily about
technical questions about Fedora Linux: Feel free to ask them on
https://discussion.fedoraproject.org :slight_smile: That page will move soon and be
integrated into this one, but when this happens, you will be
automatically forwarded.

If you have questions about the Fedora community or how to contribute, a
point of start could be the Join SIG:

If you have issues or suggestions, or think you identified an error,
about our discussion discourse forum (which your error refers to), you
might add a topic in the “site feedback” section:

All the best & stay safe,


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Welcome to the forum!

Welcome o/

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so i can stay here and dont need to sign up on askfedora aswell ?
It will be merged onto this one am i right?

(borrowed the thread hope its ok)

You do not need to sign up to ask.fedora at all: you can use the same
user account/credentials at ask.fp that you are using here (that applies
to all major pages from Fedora). By default, if you log in to any one
page (e.g., discussion.fp), you can just click the login buttons of the
other pages (e.g., ask.fp) without the need to re-enter your
credentials: it will just login because the first login already creates
a token. I think the token is set for a few minutes to work that way.

For now, please keep using ask.fedora for technical questions. It is
correct that the pages will be merged soon, but we have not yet
introduced the related categories on discussion.fp. Therefore, the pages
are still separated. Once the new categories have been introduced to
discussion.fp, the ask.fedora address will be replaced by forwarding it
to the then-existing ask-category on discussion.fp. So you will see it
:slight_smile: And no worries, the contents will be transferred!

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ok, thank you for the explanation…will keep asking questions over there for now.
Good to know that it is the same login :slight_smile: makes it easier.

Happy to help :wink:

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