Setting a new Steam Library Folder on a second Drive (Flatpak)


I am new to Linux and I wanted to set up my storage drive to be the default install location for my Steam library. I was able to format my 3tb HDD (ext4) and mount it to /home/myusername/MassStorage.
When I try to add the folder in the Steam UI the folder doesn’t show up. Steam(flatpak) can see some of the folders in /home/myusername, but not all of them. Steam also shows ./SteamLibrary folder that I can’t see in dolphin (I have hidden folders shown).

I would guess that I just have some permissions missing for the folder, but I’m not sure what they are and my searching hasn’t borne any fruit.

I hope the image can provide some context. Thanks in advance.

Looks like you’re running the flatpak of steam.

Probably the easiest thing to do would be to install flatseal flatpak and give yourself permissions to the directory.

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That’s exactly what I needed thanks!
Steam even suggested it after adding the permission. I’ll update my post to specify that it is the flatpak version.

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