Drive enable/activate and create Folder (Steam) inside


following Issues:

  1. intern ssd Drive = installed fedora 32
  2. intern ssd Drive = when boot the pc, every time disabled status


  1. boot the PC, the second ssd is enabled automaticly
  2. then i want to use this data for Steam, Games…
    by using Explorer ( Nautilus/Dateien) and select “other Places/andere Orte” , the second data is enabled (only for this Session)

… and create folders - not possible - right click, no Chance to create Folders - data is protect

How can i enable the data and create Folders…i mean enable/disable the data protection…then i can start steam with downloading the games to folders on the second data

Thanks for helping, Folks.

If I understand your question correctly, I think what you want to do is mount the drive during system startup. To do this:

  • Open Disks and find your data drive/partition and select it.
  • Click the little gears button.
  • Disable “use session defaults”.
  • Check the “enable at system startup” check box.

You will want to take note of the mount point option, this is where your partition will show up in the file system and where you will need to create a new steam library (or move an existing one).

As far as the permissions go, that is a different issue and may be deserving of its own thread. Several things could be the problem. What is the file system? Is this partition shared with Windows? What are the permissions actually set to, do you have access? Is it just mounted read only? More info is needed.