Set repository priority for Software center

When I use the Software app to install software and the same application is available from multiple sources, I can use the “source” drop-down to select from which repository to install the application from. I have both the Fedora and Flathub repositories enabled and it seems to default to the Fedora one. I’d like to default to Flathub, e.g. set the priority Flathub flatpak > Fedora registry flatpak > RPM package.

Is there any way to do this?

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I miss this feature too!
It is so boring! Many times I installed from Fedora Repo but my objective was to get the app from Flathub.

The following should do the job:

$ flatpak remote-modify --system --prio=2 flathub
$ gnome-software --quit

Awesome! Thank you very much!