Fedora remote vs flathub remote

What is the difference between the apps in these two remotes? Is it at all possible to get the pre-installed apps all on Flathub, and if not can there at least be a media player like Totem included in the Fedora remote?

Just a curiosity to me and I ask in good nature. Also my apologies if this is covered somewhere.

Here’s what I’ve gathered:

The flatpaks from the Fedora repository use Fedora “runtime” flatpaks that are similar to the base OS, whereas on Flathub the applications depend on runtime flatpaks in Flathub that are based on ones built by the upstream projects, e.g. from Gnome.

When switching to Silverblue, I found that I had fewer issues overall with the packages from Flathub, so I ended up using that for all applications except one that’s only available from Fedora (the Fedora installation medium creator).

Flatpaks from the Fedora remote are build from Fedora packages and thus are guaranteed to be free software and compatible with Fedora licensing and distribution policy.

Flatpaks from the Flathub remote are build by Flathub, community supported and may include proprietary software as long as their license allows redistribution.


^What they said.

Also, there was a recent thread on the same topic you may be interested in.

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I think it all is dependent upon the respective release cycles at either repo. Specifically, Fedora has a fairly consistent cadence of releases, with defined intermediate stages, I am not as certain about Flathub in that respect. Perhaps someone familiar would comment here regarding that. If the release cycles aren’t aligned lock step, there will invariably be a “push pull” interaction where the latest may be on Flathub before Fedora, or visa versa. This is really more a result of the flatpak packager and their updating focus. As @Siosm noted, the Fedora flatpak repo is where you get flatpak’d apps that are currently part of the WS offering of the same app, specifically FLOSS. Just my 2c worth.
[edit] Also, worth mentioning IMO is that anyone who is running Fedora Silverblue, or Fedora CoreOS for that matter, should understand that first and foremost the technology has been evolving steadily as we move through release after release. Neither of these variations are currently official editions, and are noted as emerging editions on https://getfedora.org/.

I can not speak for all apps on Flathub, but for KDE Apps, we (the KDE team) try to do day-of-upstream-release updates thus the apps are usually fresher than the ones in the Fedora repos (there are currently no KDE Apps in Fedora Flatpak repo).

In my experience, the Fedora Flatpaks have been quite buggy, with many programs being unusable. For that reason I get everything from Flathub instead.

At the start possibly. I have not personally experienced any difficulty with fedora hosted flatpaks.

Ah man, I thought I searched for a thread like this. My bad, looks like I created a duplicate.

But thanks for the answers! It makes sense considering the first of Fedora’s four foundations, Freedom. I switch over to using Fedora remote packages and it has been good, they have even added AV1 support for Firefox seemingly over the weekend.

ESPN videos still don’t work… I think it has something to HLS support. But I have found I can copy the link to some videos into Totem and they play better than they would on FF.