Flathub Flatpak Repository Inaccurately Named By Default


I don’t know where to put this, but I wanted to bring it to the attention of folks that the filtered Flathub repository is named flathub by default, which conflicts with the actual repository from Flathub, which results in oddities when trying to add it, as the repo “already exists”.

The default, filtered repository should have a name like “flathub-filtered”, so as not to conflict with the official Flathub repository and its installation instructions.


Because of this issue, I couldn’t add the flathub repo on Silverblue 37 by the use of terminal and the official instructions from flatpak.org. I finally set up the flathub repo by downloading the repository file.


Same here +1

Hello @schykle and @piotr ,
You could of course use flatpak remote-modify --title=flathub-filtered flathub to rename the fedora filtered list version instead. The install of the official flathub remote would proceed as expected then since it didn’t exist anymore.
I find some of flatpaks administration tools get overlooked. I think its a lack of user faced documentation for the project (flatpak in this case).

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