Fedora flatpaks

should it just be easier to disable/remove Fedora flatpaks and use only Flathub flatpaks as default?
i see there is deafault to use Fedora flatpaks, but most of those are old or really old. i understand the maintaince and updating for flatpaks is hard and takes time etc, but Flathub does that already and keeps apps updated

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Fedora cannot ship Flathub flatpaks by default by policy. This is unlikely to change any time soon, so Fedora flatpaks are necessary for Silverblue for the foreseeable future.

There’s nothing stopping you from replacing them with the Flathub versions after installation. I almost wish there were a built-in tool to automate that process, but that’s probably asking too much. You can do it with a one-liner though:

flatpak install --reinstall flathub $(flatpak list --app-runtime=org.fedoraproject.Platform --columns=application)

This only affects preinstalling software afaik. If there is a user prompt for installing those apps, I dont think this problem would exist.

I think it can be said in general that

  • having 2 flatpak remotes is confusing
  • people may get fedora flatpak specific errors
  • people will need Flathub, for sure
  • the “enable 3rd party repos” dialog is confusing and incomplete, and many many users are missing an easy change to install NVIDIA drivers (not only enable the repo) and in general transparency and control