Flathub and proprietary software

This is a philosophical question.
Since on flathub we can find many proprietary software, and due to the fact that the Fedora project pay much attention to do not include such software in their repositories, how is this thing handled in Silverblue? As far as I can remember when I installed Silverblue, flathub has to be enabled “by hand”. But users should be in some way warned like when enabling third party repositories in Fedora Workstation, isn’t it?
Ref. Issue #121: Request for final approval of third party software proposal - tickets - Pagure.io

Same as Fedora. We can’t prevent people from adding flathub, but I think it will not be enabled by default. And the discussion is not so much about proprietary software than enforced software patents and the liability that come with it.

I imagine that this must be managed by the client (gnome-software). Since all applications have metadata that includes the license, I would expect an option like “show only free software” that would be enabled by default.

well, what about the compability to FSF? Does silverblue imply or consider it?

Although Silverblue has a focus on containers and OSTree, it is still Fedora with its same policies (fedora is not a distro endorsed by FSF).

Anyway, I see no problem in the flathub/fedora interaction and Fedora plans to distribute its own flatpak packages, on the other hand, I see that the point here is about flathub and its interaction with other distros, including those that only include free software. Purism for example indicated that it would create its own flatpak store.

If that is the underlying issue, I dont think it should be discussed here, but on the flathub mailing list in particular (in my opinion, flathub should not be the only centralized “repo” that offers applications in flatpak format)

Okay, I see your point. I know that Fedora is strongly supporting the policy of free software. But “unfortunatly” it is not dendorsed by FSF.

I agree to your position that Fedora should distribut their own Flatpak packages on their own store in the future maybe?

Ok, I’ll join the flathub mailing list. Maybe we could continue discussing it their or via PN :wink:

We have discussed various options (e.g. a split into free/proprietary, or some form of filtering) to make it palatable to have flathub as an official 3rd party repo. It is something that not just Fedora is interested in.

I think what splitting Flathub would be just enough. Main flathub repository for Free Software and separated repo for nonfree. They both should be included in Silverblue by default, but nonfree one disabled (and you can reenable it in Software Sources window of GNOME Software).

The question is should we take this far and have runtimes in main Free Software Flathub repo with disabled ffmpeg/gstreamer open source but patented codecs?