Self-Introduction - Tushar Kumar

Hello CommOps Team,

I hope everyone is safe and doing well.

I would like to take few minutes of your time (and space on the database) to introduce myself.

My name is Tushar Kumar, and I have more than five years of experience working as a content and branding professional.

I enjoy using Fedora and consider myself a Linux enthusiast (since 2008).

While things might be slow during this pandemic, there is always room for more content (or editing)!

I welcome insights on the priorities (monthly / quarterly / yearly) of this group.

As I am not aware of the workflow, I would like to extend a helping hand.

Let me know if anyone needs my assistance regarding content planning, writing, editing, or marketing.


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Hi @tusharkumar2020, welcome! :wave:

Things are a little slow these days in Fedora CommOps. Have you checked out the Fedora Join SIG and the folks leading that effort, like @FranciscoD? If you are just getting started with the Fedora community, I suggest starting there as there are more people around to help get you started! :smile: