Secure boot and Fedora Linux. Is there simple way?

Hi guys, thank fedora’s team for working for this project. If i understood process of custom secure boot (not for ms windows, fedora can’t give standart working secure boot out-of-box): i must clear all keys and change mode to platform/setup, then generate new own keys, import them to storage, and than secure boot must work fine.

So, the process looks like hard and difficult for me, and i think this operation will be a long of time. Can u help find a some simplest way to do it? Maybe members of community know some about ‘magic apps’?

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Hi,work out -of-box,first enable Secure Boot in Bios and then intstall Fedora.


Hi, thank for u answer. I was have installed OS near windows and efi with secure boot working fine, after deleting partition os windows and old efi partition i create efi fat32 partition manually with boot and esp flags, install grub2 with target x86_64-efi, use kernel 5.10rc6. System boot fine but, when enable secure boot system alerting something like “image failed to verify with SECURITY VIOLATIONS” (Lenovo laptop). I cannot make clear install, cause it’s hard to recover all custom settings after that. Need to fix secure boot with installed os. Can u help, please?

Solved problem by using part of this guide. Thx for author for that.


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