Searching for the optimal calendar-solution (I got some similar results listed, but no result seems to work for me)

Hey there: I’m searching for ideas solving my calendar problem after switching from Microsoft to Linux. My calendar is maintained on an MS Exchange Account.

“Evolution” handles that format, or I can export (via .ics) or forward it via mail and use other programs, especially calendar-apps and import the .ics files.

Are there any other solutions? I have different device types (Android, Apple, Linux, Microsoft) and want easily manage and sync my calendars.

I don’t think that I’ve found an optimal solution. Optimal would be an calendar in the cloud, accessible via an app (one similar user interface) on every device type, for no cost.

I would likewise like a solution that I can host by my own. That would be even better.

I tried Teams in Preview and that seems to work for me, despite the fact that some appointments to not show up for whatever reason, so I need to adjust manually. :crazy_face:

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