Fedocal sync with calendar apps

I’m keen to understand what calendar app you use to manage meetings and sync with Fedocal.

Can you share tips on how to sync Fedocal (select one WG, or multiple) with calendar apps?
I need the app to alert me IRC/Matrix meeting and rely on that.


In the current state is not automatic. Basically you can download an iCal file that you can upload to any app (including google calendar)

I’m well informed, thanks.

It is not too bad as I live at UTC+1 zone.
I uploaded an iCal file to my Google Calendar.
I don’t have a better alternative yet. I wanted to make sure what I’m doing is legit.

Now I rely on this to do the thinking for me rather than scribbling on my desk calendar.

Does the “copy Ical link” bit not work? I’ve used it before to subscribe to calendars on fedocal using my calendars. For example, I’ve just added the “vacation” calendar to evolution to test this out:

Evolution > new calendar > on the web > “https://calendar.fedoraproject.org//ical/vacation/

works just fine:

This should work in Google calendar too: add calendar > from URL > “https://calendar.fedoraproject.org//ical/vacation/

I will note that these syncs are one way as far as I know. i.e., we get updates from fedocal to these places, but we can’t add new meetings using our apps.


For Google calendar, to then select what calendars are available to sync with devices etc. one needs to go here:



Yes, it works like a charm. It was easy to find ‘Copy ical link,’ and get it uploaded to Google calendar. Now I have no excuse for missed Matrix meetings. I learned the hard way, though.
UTC isn’t time zone, but time standard.

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I stumbled upon a better option that suits desk-bound people like me - calendar app in Workstation.

Upload an iCal of a WG calendar and then it populates the calendar for the whole year. All done in one upload. You need to set a reminder for each event.

Screenshot from 2022-06-09 21-31-47