SDDM blank Screen with nothing

I have migrated from Gnome to KDE with the help of this solution

now I ran into a new problem, sddm goes completely blank with nothing on the screen.

when I press enter and enter my password and log in with enter I am taken to my desktop session.
“Gnome somehow wasn’t deleted and I don’t know why.”

now what info you’d like me to provide that could help you help me figure out what’s the issue.

my main aim was to completely migrate the Desktop environment, not the distro.

like completely remove gnome and get KDE instead without having to change the distro and loose all my data


Solved it

apparently I had to add these lines

xrandr --setprovideroutputsource modesetting NVIDIA-0
xrandr --auto

to the script Xsetup located in /etc/sddm/

Sorry, I missed the key --setopt protected_packages= in the script.
Since several transactions are performed by the same DNF instance, it apparently does not re-read the protected files configuration between the transactions, that’s why the key is necessary to remove GNOME related packages.
This has now been fixed and you can update and re-run the script if needed.
However, keep in mind that the KDE group includes some GTK apps as dependencies.

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Thanks for that addition

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