Screensharing on diffrent devices

When i try to share my screen either using slack or google meet… things does not work as they should be, on chrome i get a complete black screen and, on firefox i am able to share the screen but quality suffers alot… on slack i am able to share app screen if app reside in the same worksapce but it does not let me share my browser…

is there way to fix all these issues?

Sorry for being late in answering, I saw this now.

I’m not sure to what extent it will help you, but one detail worth noting if you use the slack application and are using Wayland is to add support for Pipewire. You do that by adding the option --enable-features=WebRTCPipeWireCapturer on the command line when starting slack.

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Is there a way to run application with this flag by default instead of using terminal everytime

You mean like from a GUI? Just create a copy of the slack.desktop file and put it in /usr/local/share/applications (for general access on the host) or in $HOME/.local/share/applications (for just a specific user account). Then edit the Exec line and add the flag.

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