Fedora Silverblue - Can't Share Screen in Google Meet, Zoom or my own RTC platform anymore

I upgrade to Fedora Silverblue 35 or 36 IDK whichever one is most recent. When I’m in a video meeting and I go to share the screen, i can no longer do this. I thought it was the server that I had built, but it isn’t; it’s yet another issue with Fedora Silverblue. I’m regretting not switching to Rocky at this point and now I see why people were so upset about CentOS ha. At any rate, I need to be able to share my screen in a meeting… Is this possible with Fedora Silverblue, or are you prevented from being able to share your screen in a meeting with Silverblue?

No one is forcing you to use Silverblue or Fedora Linux in general. Switch to Rocky if that is your pref.


  • Are you running Gnome DE ?
  • If yes are you on Wayland ?
  • If yes then you must absolutly select Gnome on xOrg as many application does not run correctly on Wayland… Specially for Screen recording and Screen sharing…

To check if x11 or Wayland :


This should fix easily your problem by using X11 instead of Wayland.
As Wayland is not well supported at all, specially for Screen Recording & Screen Sharing


On Fedora 36 : Screen Recording and Screen Sharing failures on Gnome DE Wayland ( and running perfectly on X11 )

Changing Distro will change nothing if Wayland is still used…


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I don’t use screensharing on Zoom specifically, but AFAIK the issue was Zoom not being able to do screensharing on Wayland in general, it was not about Silverblue as you would have had the same problem on Fedora Workstation.

Luckily, there’s been a major update a couple or three days ago from Zoom with actual Wayland screensharing support, so you might want to give it another try.

See here: Screensharing not working · Issue #22 · flathub/us.zoom.Zoom · GitHub

In any case, screensharing from the browser should work (yes, also the Zoom webapp). No idea about Google Meet, but if it’s an electron app, chances are they’re on an old version and probably don’t support Wayland.

You may be able to share individual application screens but not the entire screen. It is the way Wayland is designed: applications don’t have access to keyboard, mouse, and the viewport of the entire desktop anymore, but only of their own viewport. For instance, Zoom can capture everything you type in Libre Writer or in the Terminal in X11, but not in Wayland.