Screen sharing and MS Teams


From last week, I am unable to share my screen when I initiate the call in Teams. The strange thing is that I can share my screen when another person calls me.

I searched online and the only tip, so far was to ensure my Screen sharing is ON. The problem is that I cannot see this option in Settings (Gnome 42):


I’m using Fedora 36 and Teams (from Flatpack).
Any clue here will be very appreciated.

Following an investigation, I discovered that this problem has nothing to do with Fedora or Linux really.

Apparently, Microsoft did some changes with the policies within Teams and this may not have been reflected in the Linux app yet.

My solution was to remove the app, install Chrome and use Teams from the web. It resolves all the problems and I can even access to some functionality non-existent in the app; changing backgrounds, so people don’t see your wall.