Scientific and Engineering applications not present in Discoverer GUI


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I did a fresh Fedora Scientific OS install (on my previous Windows 10) to be able to effectively harness Fedora’s pre-installed rich and powerful Science and Engineering applications.

I checked via terminal the available packages by entering the following commands,

$ dnf group list

followed by, the command to install each package individually,

$ sudo dnf group install 'package name'  

It was installed successfully, but to my dismay, I do not see these applications in the Discoverer GUI.

Please let me know how I may recover and access and the Scientific and Engineering applications.

P.S- As a new user I am not allowed to post more than one media

Thank you

You have many different categories in the left column, and the display appears to be only for the one selected. Are they all empty?

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Yes, most are all empty. You may have already noticed the the ellipsis icon in front of some…
This is weird, as Discoverer GUI worked fine the first time I installed the OS.

What action should I take to recover apps in GUI as before?


  • Fresh installed fedora by creating live USB from fedora media writer
  • From GNOME, changed to KDE by installing its desktop environment
  • Got back all the applications!

This query is resolved now.

Thank you

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