Scanner not working anymore with Fedora 31 Silverblue

I hope this will be fixed soon in Fedora 31 Silverblue.

There is already a fix for Fedora 30.

My scanner (Canon LIDE 110) is not detected anymore.

You mentioned it worked it worked in Fedora 30 - did you mean Silverblue 30 or regular Fedora Workstation 30? Silverblue is different than regular Fedora, especially with handling hardware related stuff like scanners. If you do want to use Silverblue then it maybe worth trying to install inside a Toolbox first (to test things out) - where you get regular DNF etc to install drivers for the scanner.

I did not test the fix because I have Fedora 31 Silverblue installed.

I have now tried to install sane-backends-1.0.28-4.fc31.x86_64.rpm inside of toolbox and this works.

The scanner is detected and scanning is also working.