Anyone using Silverblue 31

Anyone have an update on how F31 Silverblue is working out? I tried 31 at the time of the beta release and had issues with toolbox failing apparently due to the cgroupsv2 change? Because toolbox is integral to my workflow, I had to revert back to 30. I wanted to see what other people’s experience was after some more weeks of development.

I have been using it for the past 3 days without any problems.
This bug is not fixed so do not install the Cisco OpenH264 repository.
If you need to install Google Chrome, install it from the repository because if you download it from Google it will never be updated.
I have installed a few things inside the toolbox (Simple Scan) and it works as expected.

Silverblue 31 Beta includes the AMD Navi firmware on the installation media so my Radeon 5700 XT works out of the box.


The podman/toolbox bug is already fixed.

I typically try and avoid chrome as much as i can so thats no worry. Thanks for the headsup on the bug!

Thank you very much for the update great to hear ill hop over and try it again!

Since the testing branch of f31 is more or less frozen I switched to fedora/31/x86_64/silverblue, which should be the standard branch when f31 is released.

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I used it until one week ago, but because I had issues with opening some apps (when I tried opening the VSCode flatpak, the system froze) and boot took about 2x or 3x as long, I switched back to 30. Hope things get solved until the final release.

huh not my experience thus but thanks for the heads up. ill keep an eye out for this.

Just started using it last night on fedora/31/x84_64/silverblue, and I’m not running into any issues. There is one thing I found to keep in mind:

If you have changed your login shell, change it back to the default before upgrading. I uninstalled my overlayed packages before upgrading after and abundance of caution, and found that my main account was detected as a system account.

There’s an easy fix if you end up in this scenario: edit /var/lib/AccountsService/users/$USERNAME, where $USERNAME is replaced by your username

Tried upgrading today, so far no issues!

I have been trying to rebase for weeks now but encounter this bug:

Where selinux is complaining about modprobe access to /var/lib. Otherwise if I boot with selinux disabled then none of my containers will start. The desktop seemed lightning fast, but not able to rebase yet with showstopper bugs.