Scaling issues in Hyprland after Conformant OpenGL 4.6 on the M1

Hey guys! Thanks for your great contributions to Asahi Linux. I have been enjoying Asahi Linux for over 1 yrs.

Unfortunately, I am encountering scaling issues after performing an upgrade and OpenGL 4.6 was introduced yesterday.

The problem is that everything became blurry when I logged in to my Hyprland Desktop.
I tried to set the monitor with the command hyprctl keyword monitor eDP-1,3456x2160@60,0x0,2 but it is still blurry.

Then I removed all my configuration and kept it default, nothing changed.

I confirmed that KDE and GNOME have no such problem. And I have my device rebooted.

Some users reported this issue on Reddit: Reddit - Dive into anything

What information should I provide to assist your investigation?

The device is M1 Max.

As you can see, this blurry screenshot was taken under Hyprland.

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I have the same problem. There doesn’t seem to be a solution at the moment. So, If you want to use Hyprland. rollback first, and later, when the issue is resolved, update again.

sudo dnf downgrade mesa-libGL


It seems like the only way now, as I heavily rely on Hyrpland to complete my daily work.

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A temp resolution by @pinokio333 (from Reddit) is:

## upgrade mesa to latest
sudo dnf upgrade --refresh
## download below link and extract it
wget -O hyprland.rpm
rpm2archive hyprland.rpm
mkdir /tmp/hyprland
tar -xvf hyprland.rpm.tgz -C /tmp/hyprland ./usr/bin
# copy 3 files to /usr/bin
sudo mv /tmp/hyprland/usr/bin/* /usr/bin/

That indeed fixed the problem. Thanks for posting

What is the difference of those binaries to the ones installed by the package manager?

Probably this. So, hyprland bug (that doesn’t manifest on AMD/Nvidia desktop GPUs because they don’t support fp16 on desktop GL like this, but we do).

It’s also a classic issue with WebGL apps/sites that have the same bug, which is why browsers are blocked by config from using fp16 at all. But for stuff like Hyprland and other open source apps, it’s their job to fix these bugs, not ours :slight_smile:

(It’s pretty common for GL driver version support updates to hit new codepaths in apps and expose old bugs, which is why this happened now, even though it’s not the driver’s fault)