Samsung C430W printer fails to print on Fedora 33 Jam

Trying to get my Samsung SL-C430W printer, which uses the Samsung Universal Linux Driver (ULD), to print on my Fedora 33 Jam system. The printer is connected by USB to the computer. Despite having installed the ULD (script installed) the KDE settings “printer” section (and I assume Cups) could not find the driver for the printer. When prompted, I chose a manual selection of the PPD file. After the printer was configured, a test print failed and a message in KDE settings “printer” stated that the file “rastertospl” was missing, so I manually copied the file:
$ sudo cp rastertospl /usr/lib/cups/filter/
Now I get, when going into the Cups web interface:
Samsung_C430W-13 Unknown Withheld 1k Unknown stopped “Filter failed”

Not sure where I should go from here, and I could use some help sprting this out. Some output:
$ sudo lpinfo -v
network beh
file cups-brf:/
serial serial:/dev/ttyS0?baud=115200
network https
network lpd
network ipps
network socket
network http
network ipp
direct usb://Samsung/C43x%20Series?serial=08HRB8GM1E00N7W
network smb

$ lsusb
Bus 001 Device 011: ID 04e8:332f Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd C43x Series

$ sudo journalctl -u cups JID=`lpstat -W all | awk '{print $1}' | awk -F '-' '{print $NF}' | tail -n 1`
-- Logs begin at Fri 2021-01-22 12:10:19 EET, end at Sun 2021-01-31 22:08:10 EET. --
Jan 31 21:56:23 localhost.localdomain cupsd[993]: Unable to open raster stream - : Broken pipe
Jan 31 21:56:31 localhost.localdomain cupsd[993]: Samsung_C430W brian 14 [31/Jan/2021:21:56:31 +0200] total 0  localhost Untitled A4 one-sided
Jan 31 21:56:31 localhost.localdomain cupsd[993]: Job stopped due to filter errors; please consult the syslog file for details.

I also ran:
$ sudo journalctl -b -p err > errors.txt
However, I didn’t find anything relevant to my printer issue.

When this printer has been connected to Ethernet in the past, in Cups setup the printer is sometimes listed as “driverless”, so on the off chance that I could get some more info that would be helpfull to figuring out what is going on, I ran:

$ driverless 

ERROR: ippfind (PID 3376) stopped with status 1!

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Hi…I’m F33 KDE user…also can be use samsung printer
you can get printer driver and install program

# cd /opt
# wget
# tar zxvf SamsungPrinterInstaller.tar.gz
# cd uld
# ./

also install cups and run cups daemon. Have a nice day!

I already have ULD and CUPS installed, as stated above. I have also run the CUPS daemon…

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The F33 KDE equipment works well with the Samsung printer. Of course, the model is different, but I think it will work well in the USB type. I tested it on the LAN, but I’ll try the usb and tell you the status.

The usb part is automatically detected and applied. The network part and the usb part of my device are as follows. Both work fine.

Thanks for the replies. In my case, there must be something related to either KDE in Jam, CUPS in Jam, or something conflicting, that didn’t allow me to print. I decided to wipe the system and install the Fedora 33 Cinnamon spin (which by the way, rocks) and was able to get my printer set up without any problems at all. Very strange, as everything that I did with regards to driver install, USB connection, etc. was exactly the same on both systems.

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I am using kde for f33 server.
Part of the device conflict can be associated with other services. Nevertheless, I expect it to work.
God bless you.!