Samsung laser printer m-2525 doesn't work on fedora 33

I’m a newbie with linus and this community.
My Samsung laser printer M-2525 doesn’t print out when I connected with my Fedora 33 computer. Each time, I picked the printer and hit print, it didn’t do anything?
Do I need to install drive? and how to do it?
Thank you ahead for your support,

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Try with cups:

Printing - Fedora Project Wiki check first point “debugging problems”

Samsung ML-2525 Laser Printer series Software and Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support

Wow thank you! It now show up both in CUPS and Printer in the setting but not active? Also show IDLE in manage printer? It seems receive the printing order but just stop from there? Did I miss or mess up something?

CUPS-BRF-Printer (Paused, Accepting Jobs, Not Shared, Server Default)

Description: CUPS-BRF
Driver: Samsung ML-2525W Series PXL (grayscale)
Connection: cups-brf:/
Defaults: job-sheets=none, none media=na_letter_8.5x11in sides=one-sided

Thanks again, tamkhai

running F35 here with an Samsung ML 2851

try to find what’s up at Printer List | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation

a ML-2525 seems to be NOT supported, while a M-2xyz should (maybe outdated ?!)

but while your printer is seen in cups:

install selinux troubleshoot and try to find out if selinux blocks the printer from printing.

had it here: something regarding hfax or the like …
fixed that and the my printer is working.