S/PDIF Not working Correctly on Fedora 33

I Have up graded to Fedora 33 the audio output is set to S/PDIF out (USB AUDIO) which is great but when I log in it is not working no sound I have my PC connected to a receiver which shows the speakers icons when selected. When I start Fedora 33 there are no speaker icons on my receiver and no sound if I do pulseaudio -k then reboot my PC it works. Not sure why but it works. Is there a way to have this work every time I start my computer? Any suggestions would be appreciated, I have tried adding this to /etc/pulse/default.pa
" #set-default-source input
load-module module-alsa-sink device=spdif:0 channels=7 sink_name=alsa_surround
set-default-sink alsa_surround"
with no success. It will show that S/PDIF is selected but there is no sound coming out unless I reboot my PC.