Running local Docker images with Podman?


Suppose I have a script that builds a bunch of local Docker images. Is there an easy way to tell Podman to run those, rather than having to rebuild them?


If the image is stored in the Docker daemon, you can do podman pull docker-daemon://myimage, there’s also docker-archive:// for loading an archive created by docker save.

The full list of URIs supported is on the podman-pull(1) man page.


Looks like the syntax is actually podman pull docker-daemon:myimage - no slashes. Considering that everything’s stored locally, it seems a tad slow - is it uncompressing / checksumming / processing the data?


Seems like I managed to typo the URI format from the man page I linked:sweat_smile:

From looking at the source, it seems to basically use the Docker daemon equivalent of docker save to save to a tar file and then extracts it on the podman end.


Ah - so yeah - uncompressing the image and then re-compressing it. It was using 120% of a core, At a certain network bandwidth it might be faster to pull from Docker Hub than reformat an image on my hard drive. :wink: