What is the preferred image repository to install apps on CoreOS (& podman)

I have been an happy user of Silverblue for 2 years now.
I would like to setup a home server with CoreOS now (with services like nginx, minidlna, etc.). I would also prefer using podman instead of docker.
(I believe my question is valid for any Fedora variant)

Most images I need & can reasonably trust are published on https://www.linuxserver.io/ but they do not test on/support podman & I immediately encountered a lot of problems indeed…
I see Suse have bunch of images in their registry & support podman but it is very limited https://registry.opensuse.org/

I went to check https://registry.fedoraproject.org/ but it is very unclear what is going on there. I see things like f29/nginx (does it mean Fedora 29?) & broken links https://registry.fedoraproject.org/f29/nginx
There is also very little doc on what are those images.

So my question are:

Many thanks !

Most container images from https://registry.fedoraproject.org/ are out of date. You can take a look at the ones from Software Collections · GitHub instead.

All container images should work fine with podman just like with Docker, so if you encounter an issue it’s likely not related to podman.

If you post your issues there we may be able to help.

Thank you.
I can’t believe I have never heard about Software Collection before !

Regarding docker, podman & linuxserver.io I forgot to mention in my previous post that what the linuxserver.io people are saying on the forums is that they do not test/support podman & rootless Search results for 'podman order:latest' - LinuxServer.io

I do not have my logs anymore but I was often getting some lsiown: command not found errors like this user Jellyfin container Won't Start - Container Support - LinuxServer.io

I’m using a bunch of images from Software Collections · GitHub with rootless Podman on several CoreOS instances. Even with slight customizations, I haven’t had any noticeable issues so far.