How do I make an ISO from an OCI image for silverblue?

Hello, my friend and I have started working on Danora, a gaming-focused silverblue-based distro, inspired by Nobara. We have got a Containerfile and we have set up github actions to build the OCI image at Package danora · GitHub (thanks Jorge Castro for the repo template).
However, we do have one problem: to install the OS we need to install silverblue or kinoite and rebase with the experimental flag. This can be inconvenient, especially since this distro is also targeting beginners. So is there a way to make an installer ISO, like Kinoite? Thanks!

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It looks like this current topic on our discussion site is relevant. Seems someone recently figured out how to do this there:

Hi, this is very useful but I want to find a way to actually boot it on bare metal (not just in podman / docker).

Ok been doing some digging and I think I found some good background info: