Tips for speeding up local development of ostree images?

Hi everyone!

So far I’ve been just building my custom image via actions on github (see here) and I’ve got enough experience now to be dangerous so going to ask to see how other people do it:

At first I figured just having a registry on my lan would be the easiest way to go. I set up docker/registry without any issue but configuring clients to use an untrusted registry got old fast. I could just fixed this but I had another problem where after a while subsequent builds and pushes to the registry would lead to the same old image being built and pushed the registry. After diving through the docs I figured that --no-cache during the podman build would force it to just make a clean image but it kept making images without my updates. I am reasonably certain I am just missing a flag or something obvious.

My second idea was just exporting the container with a podman export and then piping that to qemu-img to create a qcow2 image that I could just fire up a VM with but I was unable to create a bootable image.

And lastly the solution I’m using today which is just using visual studio code inside github and letting it do everything, which is really nice and the way most people should probably do it, but I also wanted to figure out how to rev faster locally and just see how others are doing it. Thanks!