Rotate Grub Menu Screen Orientation


Hello friends,

I have an issue with the Fedora 38 KDE grub menu screen orientation. The screen orientation is in portrait mode while my monitor screen is in landscape mode. How can I rotate the grub menu screen?

I have tried adding the following option to grub:
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash video=DSI-1:panel_orientation=right_side_up"

However, this option only affects the boot splash screen and not the grub menu. How can I fix this issue? Thank you.

It is likely something to do with the laptops orientation sensor. I don’t think the Grub menu or Plymouth are that aware.

Hi Stephen, thank you for your reply. However, I have tried physically rotating my laptop but the screen still won’t rotate. It seems like there is no gyroscope sensor like on an iPad. I have also checked the BIOS settings, but there is no menu in the BIOS that controls the orientation sensor.

The only setting in the BIOS that works for setting the orientation is in the menu: BOOT > Screen Rotation Policy > Right Orientation. This has made the BIOS display correctly oriented. However, Fedora doesn’t seem to read this BIOS setting, so the GRUB menu display is still in portrait orientation even though the BIOS setting is correct.

When you are in the GRUB menu, Fedora cannot know anything since none OS is loaded yet, so the issue should be GRUB specific.

Hi Vladislav,

doing some investigation into GRUB first is a good idea. but since I’ve never done that before, I tried visiting the GRUB manual at this URL :

but after I read the documentation, I don’t see any option to rotate or change screen orientation for GRUB menu.

do you have any ideas how to change the GRUB configuration to rotate the GRUB menu?