How to customize Grub2 splash and menu?

I’m new to Fedora, using 38 beta at the moment. I would like to put a custom photo on my grub boot screen and have the grub menu show by default. But after reading the fedora grub documentation I’m still a bit confused about how to do it. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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sudo grub2-editenv - unset menu_auto_hide

also see GRUB hidden menu change FAQ - Hans' hacking log — LiveJournal

sudo dnf install grub-customizer

Note: manipulation of grub files has the potential to break your boot process. you have been warned.


Thank you for the quick reply appreciate it. :slight_smile:
Grub-customizer did not work though. is there manual way to add photo?

I am not familiar, I don’t even get to see my grub, so I can’t help, but maybe you find out from the following package how they set GRUB_BACKGROUND successfully.

Also you want to make sure the path to the .png file is readable by grub, and not placed in /usr/somewhere that could be luks-locked at the time of grub loading.

Probably placing that file in or under /boot/grub2 would be best. I think most themes for grub create a themes directory as /boot/grub2/themes or some such.

100% :bluethumb:

grub-customizer is more likely to break your bootloader than provide a working theme on Fedora, because it doesn’t understand BLSCFG.

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What is good for Gnome is good for other apps too.

Some words to the “Distro Hoppers Submarines”, we know you exist and we do realize you are arising from the deeps of the Linux Distro abbys, always when beta/new releases are announced.

We do appreciate your work spreading the word of our beloved Distribution. But please focus on facts and not on “Make up”.

Grub2 is a good example of an application who got famous when function still came before “good looking buttons and Icons”. It was used simply to boot, doing the work in the dark, almost unseen to switch from one kernel version to an other or if needed boot in to an other OS.

And by the way, yes we already talked about theming grub2. So please use the search engine before making a new Topic. We do love to help, but we do have our head into other, more important and functional work to optimize the distribution so, that it will work/shine also after the boot screen.

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