Missing Portrait Flipped Option | Fedora 40 | 3 Monitor

Just installed Fedora 40 on my new Asus Zenbook connected to a 3 monitor docking station. Both left and right monitors are upside down and there’s no portrait flipped option. I tried swapping the display ports on the docking station. Still the same issue.

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None of the available Orientation options in the Settings app (supposing you are using GNOME) is of any help?


Since the portrait flipped option does not seem available and you are using 3 monitors I have to ask – are the external monitors actually in portrait orientation or could they be switched to landscape?
I suspect the current issue is due to the switched orientation from the normal landscape position that most users seem to prefer.

In my years with linux I have only had one monitor that could be physically switched from landscape to portrait and that one had a setting on the monitor itself to select portrait mode.
I suspect that if the monitor could be physically rotated the opposite direction in going from landscape to portrait the images would be right side up.

Just a possible test.
Revert the monitor to landscape mode, – apply the landscape flipped setting – then return to portrait. Maybe it could solve the issue ( and would not hurt to try).

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The 2 outside monitors are rotated in portrait style. I solved it by rotating them 180 degrees to flip them. Thanks for the replies and warm welcome.