Multiple displays and orientations

Will the new Gnome 3.32 release offered by Fedora30 allow displays to be oriented individually, or does it still demand a uniform orientation? Additionally/alternately, is it able to register the orientation of a display-screen auto-magically?

I’ve been using Cinnamon Desktop under Fedora29 because it allows multiple displays without requiring that they be oriented identically, ie all “portrait” or all “landscape”. This is very handy because code- and text-editing works well on a “portrait” screen, but web pages and spreadsheets look good “landscape”.

My displays are easily rotated to suit use. An automatic way for them to update orientation characteristics would be a nice-to-have…

Please advise =dn

I don’t have multiple displays here at the moment so I can’t confirm but I am pretty sure a few of my colleagues at work use different orientations on their displays on Gnome 3. You could download the live image to check for yourself to be sure?