Command to Rotate Monitor (Fedora SB)

Guys i found that x-randr didnt work in fedora sb , since is wayland.
But if i go to gnome settings i can rotate the monitor. I just want to make a keyboard shortcut to rotate the second monitor into portrait to horizontal (vice versa) any tips to do this ?

You can use gnome-monitor-config: GitHub - jadahl/gnome-monitor-config

You can layer it or use it from a toolbox.

what do you think is better gnome-monitor-config or wlr-randr ?

I don’t expect wlr-randr will work with mutter (GNOME).

thanks and bro, sorry for my ignorance, how do i install gnome-monitor-config ? I already set the toolbox container but im used to only install flatpak and rpm apps

It’s in the Fedora repos: sudo dnf install gnome-monitor-config

thanks , i installed but looks like is not working :

gnome-monitor-config set  LM HDMI-1 -t right -LpM DP-1 -t normal

the monitors blink, but it didnt make any difference

output is

:::: ../src/gmc-display-config.c:691 cc_display_logical_monitor_config_add_monitor() - 
Logical monitor [ 2560x1080+0+0 ], PRIMARY, scale = 1
  Monitor [ DP-1 ] 2560x1080@59.9784
[(0, 0, 1.0, uint32 0, true, [('DP-1', '2560x1080@59.978', @a{sv} {})])]

what im trying to do is to change the orientation only about the second monitor (HDMI-1)

Yeah, you have to describe the entire monitor configuration, unlike xrandr. You’re missing the - in -LM, and you need to specify the offset between the monitors using -x and/or -y, e.g.:

gnome-monitor-config set -LM HDMI-1 -t right -LpM DP-1 -x 1080

I’m assuming that DP-1 is on the right, and that HDMI-1 is a 1080p monitor (so 1080 pixels wide in a vertical orientation).