Rival 3 Wireless Bluetooth mouse isn't discoverable in F38

Hi, I’m using Fedora 38. My laptop can’t seem to find the mouse (RIval 3 Wireless on bluetooth mode) for some reason, despite using bluetoothctl I can’t get my laptop to find the mouse at all, even though the mouse works fine on my Android phone. I have already set it to pairing mode but it wouldn’t show up in either GNOME Settings or bluetoothctl (it does show up on my phone). What should I do? Thank you

Are you certain the mouse can be paired with more than one device at a time. Some devices can only be paired with one controller at a time and thus if already paired cannot be seen when scanning for available devices.

yes i’m sure as i’ve forgotten the mouse from my phone and re-paired it multiple times

I think you misunderstood.
Repairing with the same device is not the same as being paired with 2 different devices at the same time.

If the connection drops the pairing it means it is not actively paired.
If it is actively paired already then the second device may not be able to connect. This is the situation I asked about.

I may have misunderstood. It can only be paired with one device at a time and I made sure to forget the mouse in my phone and put the mouse in pairing mode every time I want to pair it to a new device (in this case, between my phone and my laptop). My phone can detect the mouse in the “available devices” and successfully attempt to pair with it but my laptop cannot detect the mouse at all in pairing mode. Even bluetoothctl cannot see it even though it appears on my phone, again, under “available devices”. I tested with another Windows laptop with the same result - discoverable, and pairable.