Bluetooth mouse connected but not working in Fedora 34 (resolved..)

I’ve just bought a new wireless mouse and it works fine using the mini dongle thingy, but not over bluetooth.

Bluetooth bonding appears to have worked OK. It shows in bluetooth settings, and it knows it is a mouse and I can goto mouse and touchpad settings. BUT nothing ever happens - buttons / scroll wheel etc do nothing. What can I do?
(It’s a logitech MX master 3 - so I have further problems with logitech being assholes about linux, but it would be good to have at least the basics working without using a usb port (I’m a bit light on USB ports on my ROG strix)

Lots of posts around yalk about installing bluez / bluez-tools, (which are not installed) but as they start with setting up a bluetooth connection, it looks like they are redundant in Fedora 34.

I understand about the use of a USB port, but I seem to have much better luck using the logitech receiver rather than bluetooth for both mouse and keyboard. My ROG strix laptop has 3 usb ports.

A USB hub is not expensive and gives 4 ports for every one used on the machine so that might be a useful option.

This morning everything is sweetness and light. Not sure what decided to work, but I suspect the fancy multi pc support thing in the mouse may be partly to blame. I put the dongle in my desktop pc (it has no bluetooth) and set it up as pc 2 on the mouse, this morning when I went back to may laptop and switched the mouse back to pc 1, everything worked OK (without the dongle).

fingers crossed…

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After upgrading to F35 my bluetooth mouse went picky as well. On cold boot, the mouse was not working. The mouse supports multiple connections, and whan I switched to another (not connected) device and back to my notebook it started working.

This behavior persisted a few days but after a recent update it went away. I’ve seen some bluez and bluedevil updates passing by, so it might be related to that updates.

edit: MX Master 3, too :smiley:

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