[Review & Publish] CommBlog for Invitation to Fedora's Hacktoberfest Event

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Fedora is partaking in this year’s Hacktoberfest with its own event (Check here) called “FOSS and Fedora”, and I believe that a CommBlog article regarding so would do a solid well in getting us attendees (and who knows, long-term contributors for the project :wink:) if we get the following article reviewed and published.

Here’s a draft writeup for review. You are requested to let me know what you think about it and make/suggest changes wherever required. The publishing must happen before 1st of October 2020, 13:30 UTC (because that is when the event is - would not be very wise to invite people right then :sweat_smile:)


FOSS and Fedora - October is for Hacktoberfest!


When: Thursday, October 1, 2020, from 13:30 to 15:00 UTC
Are you a FOSS enthusiast? Then please join us on our official Hacktoberfest event, FOSS and Fedora. We are a community thriving to build a free and open-source operating system, focusing on bringing to you cutting edge technologies along with user-friendly solutions. On behalf of the Fedora Project, we welcome everyone to give back to the open-source communities one pull request at a time. We look forward to folks from diverse backgrounds sharing their skills and experience. Join us to know more about Fedora Project along with interesting projects that you can contribute to like:

  • Noggin
  • Pagure
  • Ipsilon
  • Anitya

Hacktoberfest® is an excellent opportunity to show your FOSS spirit by giving back to the open-source community. This global event is open for anyone, from student to a developer. All backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to complete the challenge.

How to participate

Here are three simple steps you would want to follow for a chance to win a limited edition Hacktoberfest tee or plant yourself a tree.

  1. Register at Hacktoberfest site.
  2. Enroll for our FOSS and Fedora event.
  3. Make four quality pull requests for issues tagged hacktoberfest in October 2020.

Are you new to all this? Fedora Join SIG is here to help you out. Don’t forget to attend our first meet to know more about the projects that are open for your contributions!

In addition to all the above, first-time contributor are also entitled to a USD $100 of infrastructure credit at DigitalOcean.

Here is the schedule of the event:

  • [19:00 IST to 19:30 IST] Introduction to Free/Libre and open source software
  • [19:30 IST to 19:45 IST] Introduction to the Fedora Project
  • [19:45 IST to 20:30 IST] Introduction to projects like Noggin, Pagure, Ipsilon etc

Event code of conduct
Don’t forget to read the Event Code of Conduct before attending our welcoming and inclusive meet. Happy hacking!

For archival purposes, this article was co-authored by Ramya Parimi (FAS: ramyaparimi) and Akashdeep Dhar (FAS: t0xic0der).

Thank you for your perusal and looking forward to the review and publishing. :bowing_man:

@t0xic0der @ramyaparimi I’ll copy the content into WordPress and get it scheduled. In order for me to set you as the authors, you’ll need to log in to the dashboard so that your account exists.

In the future, please follow the process for contributions. Also, it would help if you provide at least a few days notice for time-sensitive posts.

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I made some edits to formatting and removed some of the explanation of Fedora (not necessary for this audience). The post is scheduled for Wednesday 30 September.

Hello bcotten,

I just did. Thank you

Yes, I have logged in to the dashboard.

My bad, I have been told about the same by both Vipul and Ankur. We took the decision of having the event very late so everything related to the event got pulled early. We would certainly follow the process from now on. :smile: