Fedora's Representation for Hacktoberfest 2021

We had our Hacktoberfest representation from the community last year and albeit we started late to prep for it, it was a success. Now that we are almost starting from a month before, we probably should do it again - what do you folks think?

Things to take care of

  • Get an inventory of repositories at GitHub which can be potential candidates to Hacktoberfest contributions
  • Create and tag self-contained and well-documented issue tickets as hacktoberfest for repos on GitHub
  • Connect with the design team to help create posters/banners to promote the community’s Hacktoberfest representation
  • Possibly bring in the awesome folks from the Community Outreach Revamp and have their two cents about this
  • Set up push mirror from stub GitHub repositories to actual Pagure repositories in order for the participant’s PR to be counted
  • Reach out to folks with repos at the Easyfix page asking them to tag their existing easyfix issues with hacktoberfest
  • Prep slide deck / talk for an event that can go as long as 90 minutes, with multiple speakers to onboard new folks to community

This follows up the ticket created under the Fedora-Join project of the fedora-join namespace here Issue #257: Fedora's Representation for Hacktoberfest 2021 - Fedora-Join - Pagure.io

I would love to hear from you as to what you think about it and how can possibly do it better! :slight_smile:


It would be nice to have a badge for participants, although verifying eligibility might be labor-intensive.

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Good idea, @bcotton.

It would mostly be manual checking of PRs and linked issue tickets - so yep, labor-intensive it would be but that would be our way of incentivizing participation and ensuring that folks stay back as contributor after the Hacktoberfest time is over. :slight_smile:

Hey! I think this is a rad idea :slight_smile: What if we use the Fedora Museum as a platform?

+1 to a badge!


We just want to make sure that we have enough resources and people before we actually hit some bottlenecks in the wake of FWD at around the same time.

If we are able to ensure that, using Fedora Museum is a solid plan. :smiley:

I think a few scheduled events in Work Adventure (like 2-4 hours at a time so that there’s a time when people would be around) would be awesome! Brilliant idea.

Talking about events, I can deliver one keynote about what Hacktoberfest is - to start with but maybe we should put a CfP again for folks who might be interested to talk about their projects that they want to open up for Hacktoberfest contributions, among other things.

What more kind of events can we have?